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freelance services

what I'm offering

SSL installations

Free (Let’s Encrypt) or paid (COMODO and similar) SSL installations and maintenance/automatic updates. Related troubleshooting after installation free for 60 days.

Infrastructure Health Check

Performance testing, configuration adjustment and fine-tuning. I specialize in web infrastructure, but of course I’ll handle any generic and case-studied node or systemic hardening.

Consulting Services

Maybe your current setup can’t handle the load it’s receiving. Maybe the software stack you’ve chosen doesn’t serve it’s purpose correctly and needs minor (or major) modification. Let me take a look and let you know of my opinion.

Infrastructure & Deployment Automation

Automate your hardware and software infrastructure through Ansible and Terraform, or Packer. Automate practically any ops process.


Any sort of Linux server infrastructure troubleshooting. Have a problem? Describe it to me and let me help you!

and more!

Check my CV and see if any of my skills appeal to your case. If yes, I’m here to help!

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