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DevOps/Support Engineer – Pressidium

  • Monitor and maintain infrastructure
  • Handle zero-escalation support tickets
  • Develop automation tools using Ansible

DevOps Engineer – Hellenic Army

  • Infrastructure and deployment automation using Ansible and Packer
  • High-availability TCP architecture setup (HAProxy, Nginx).
  • Improve and optimize developer operations using various tools (e.g. Vagrant)
  • Compliance and documentation with ISO 27001:2013

Internet Operations Supervisor – Galanis Sports Data

  • Oversaw and coordinated real-time nationwide operation teams
  • Development of data processing software utilities using Java and bash
  • Operate and administer “superleaguegreece.net”
  • Verify statistical data from various vendors
  • Create tools for character generator engines
  • Cooperate with most Greek major channels (ERT, Mega TV, Star TV, Epsilon TV)

Network/VoIP Engineer – Soldecom LTD

  • Maintain, troubleshoot and develop an Asterisk-based VoIP infrastructure
  • Provide tier-2 support
  • Create software utilities in bash
  • Technical writing, including documentation and company blog articles
  • Contractor for the largest NYSE listed independent crude oil tanker company in the world (EuroNAV/Gaslog).


  • Problem Solving

    I am determined and resourceful, and have the required knowledge to exploit it. Whatever I don’t know I usually Google or RTFM.

  • Systems Thinking

    Experience with complex infrastructures and various providers. I have created, modified, maintained, migrated from or to, and troubleshooted highly sophisticated systems, including web, VoIP and cloud infrastructure.

  • Collaboration

    Either in person or via Slack, Mattermost or other collaboration tools, I enjoy working with similar-minded professionals to achieve our goals (usually, mine is avoiding downtime). I believe in the doctrine that, once a problem is solved, it doesn’t need re-solving ever again. Therefore, I am an avid supporter of documenting processes and solutions to various issues.

  • Leadership

    I have led small, agile operational teams, and worked under limited or no supervision.

  • Perform well under pressure

    Working in operations has it’s caveats, and this usually is lack of time for certain operations. I have worked at the Operations field at several levels throughout the years, and have handled numerous time-critical tasks, ranging from displaying TV CGI on-time, to minimizing downtime by performing rapid recovery actions, to quickly having to deal with DDoS attacks.

  • Communication with Clients

    Having supported users at all levels of sophistication and knowledge, ranging from ship personnel to enterprise executives to developers, I have learned that precise communication and clarification can solve many problems, even before they begin.


  • strace
  • ps_mem
  • tcpdump
  • top/htop
  • iotop
  • mtr
  • netstat
  • nmap
  • various bash oneliners and custom scripts


  • Ansible
  • Git/Gitlab
  • Nagios, Icinga, Grafana, netdata
  • Terraform
  • Vagrant, oVirt
  • Packer
  • Vault
  • HAProxy
    Currently working on caching with Varnish.


I have worked professionally with RHEL, Debian and Ubuntu, but I’ll find my way around any Linux system. At home, my main workstation is Debian Testing.


Doctor of Business Administration

Thesis: TBA

Strathclyde University, Glasgow

MSc Computer Security and Resilience

Dissertation: Vulnerability Analysis for Power Grid SCADA Systems

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne

BSc Information Technology – Networking Technologies

Capstone Project: Smart City IoT Wireless Communication Infrastructure – IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee)

The American College of Greece – Deree College, Athens

BSc Information Technology

Dissertation: Automating Service-based Node Hardening

The Open University UK, Milton Keynes